Legends of the Lost Tribes Chapter 06 – Beit Yaakov-India

“Legends of the Lost Tribes” is an invitation to explore the hidden history of the Hebrew faith, to extend beyond the boundaries inherent in the concept of the “Jewish People”. The essence of the Hebrew movement, of which Judaism is only a small fragment, has touched the whole of mankind. These people, claiming to be descendants of the tribe of Efraim, now live in two villages north of Madras. Under the Hindu caste system they are labeled as “Untouchables”, along with millions of other outcasts in India. They claim that their casting was a terrible mistake, and that they are Hebrews who have indeed kept the tradition to the best of their abilities. Living under constant discrimination, alienation and poverty, they try to maintain a Jewish way of life despite their harsh conditions. In their unfurnished hut which serves as a synagogue, they sit on the ground, praying, singing, and studying ‘Tora’, impatiently waiting for salvation, for their return to Zion.

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