Malay Muslim Girl turn to Lord Jesus..Testimony

Malaysian Muslim Girl Hasnah turn to Jesus.
Dear Muslim bro and Sis, There cannot be two truths. Either one is true and the other is false. Let’s get real. Now you can read Bible online easily or Google your questions about Christian faith. Please note that the concept of good works compromise with sin(49% sin Vs 51% good work)is not God’s plan, but it is satan’s idea, it never works with Holy God because holy Living God of Bible never allow SIN in his presence because God of Bible never create Sin. Bible says sin came in this world through man. Bible states that good works in the eyes of man are filthy rags in the eyes of God. You can’t get to Heaven through good works alone. Jesus sacrificed on the cross for the sins of all mankind including Prophet Mohammed and Muslims. Prophet Mohammed said He himself do’t know where he will go? Dear Muslims, please you do’t want to carry the weight of sin anymore in your shoulder & lead a scary and confused life, uncertain of your Salvation. Call upon Jesus Name and receive your Salvation. God Bless You.

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